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Maintenance Engineer [CN_800682_CT_TKPSH00023]
蒂森克虏伯普利斯坦汽车零部件(上海)有限公司ThyssenKrupp Presta Shanghai Co., Ltd.
    蒂森克虏伯普利斯坦汽车零部件(上海)有限公司,隶属于蒂森克虏伯普利斯坦集团,是世界500强蒂森克虏伯的全资子公司。它坐落在上海浦东康桥工业园区,占地面积40'000 平米。公司于2011年5月31日成立,总投资额达一亿一千四百万欧元  ...
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Job Targets and Decision Making 岗位目标及工作权限

1、Coordinate maintenance daily workl 协调维修团队的工作

2、Ensure availability of equipment at any time.     保证设备在任何时间都是完好可用的

3、Control optimal usage & deployment of his employees.      合理管理和分配所管理的人员

4、Ensure correct information for tooling/fixtures & spare parts available      保证工装夹具备件信息的准确性和完整性Main Focus of Duties and Responsibilities



-Regular control status of daily maintenance & check quality of maintenance with related teams   对日常维护进行定期管理控制,并与相关团队共同检查维修的质量。

- organize technican team meeting and  work accordingly.   组织技术团队会议并安排相关工作。

-Support preparation/organize implementation of maintenance projects and afterwards archive project documentation.   协助准备维护项目的实施,并对项目文件进行存档。

-Arrange personnel maintenance equipment. .   安排人员维护保养设备

-Support, issue and collect completion sheets of planned maintenance.   支持、发布及收集计划性维修维护清单

-Support the implementation of the Kaizen.    负责实施持续改进

-Collect, prepare, and analyze objectives of the maintenance group ( unplanned downtime, etc.) and      communicate to the team.   收集、制定维护维修小组的工作目标(零计划停工等)并进行分析及信息通报

-Prepare summary for the work of all technicians and report to supervisor monthly (required for team bonus     calculation).   对所有技术员的工作进行总结,每月向上级领导汇报。(以供核算班组奖金)

-Support and require that everybody complies with internal (company) and external (by law) safety regulations,     processes, procedures, and work instructions.   支持并要求所有相关人员严格遵守内部(公司)和外部(法定)安全法规、工艺、程序和工作指导书。

-Implement Maximo and training the maintenance technicians.     执行Maximo系统并培训维修技术员

-Ensure safety training for maintenance technicians is implemented     负责维修技术员的安全培训

-Responsible for implementation of 5S standards in maintenance room.   负责维修间进行5S管理的实施。

-Ensure planned maintenance work to implement on time and to be in high quality    保证预防性维修按时进行且保证高质量 

-Involve to the spare part list for the equipment    参与设备的备件清单

-Regular collect and update information about safety stock requirements for spare parts, fixtures & toolings   (incl. safety stock level ).    定期收集、更新老设备的备件,工装夹具的安全库存情况(包括安全库存量,每年的定额)。

Required Competency and Qualification 任职能力及资格

1. Knowledge 知识Education 学历Bachelor 大学本科

Foreign Language 外语基本的英语技能      Basic English language skills

Computer Skill 计算机熟练运用相关办公软件Be good at related office software (word, excel,lotusnotes,CAD)

2. Experience 经验Auto or related experience 汽车或相关行业经验More than 5 year working experience in machine maintenance 五年以上机床/设备维修工作经验

项目管理经验 Project member experience 项目参与经验须有项目参与经验Project experience is required

Intercultural experience 跨文化工作经验At least two years working experience in JVs or foreign invested company

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