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Prototype Technician [CN_800682_CT_TKPSH00047]
蒂森克虏伯普利斯坦汽车零部件(上海)有限公司ThyssenKrupp Presta Shanghai Co., Ltd.
蒂森克虏伯普利斯坦汽车零部件(上海)有限公司,隶属于蒂森克虏伯普利斯坦集团,是世界500强蒂森克虏伯的全资子公司。它坐落在上海浦东康桥工业园区,占地面积40'000 平米。公司于2011年5月31日成立,总投资额达一亿一千四百万欧元。 蒂森克虏伯普利斯坦集团是蒂森克虏伯重要的汽车业务单元之一,在全...
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Job Targets and Decision Making

- Assembling of the prototypes according to Prototype Sample Order&Assembly Flow Chart能按照样件的安装流程文件来完成手工样件的装配

- Can find abnormalities during prototype assembly and report to related persons. 对样件装配过程的发生的异常能及时发现并反馈给相关人员。

- Responsible for prototype parts receiving&logistic&delivery and arrange prototype single component stock 负责样件的零件来料收货登记,流转,发货及库存管理。

- Support the prototype process control and final inspection inculding functional test 支持样件的过程控制检验和最终检验包括功能测试等

- continuous optimization of the products and the procedures. Transfer from the know-how to team. 持续的对样件和过程的改进,并把经验总结分享给组员。

- Responsible for assembly tooling management and optimization. 负责样件工装夹具管理和改进

Main Focus of Duties and Responsibilities

- Planing and processing of samples orders 根据样件需求表计划并样件装配流程

- Perform the Assembly of prototypes and ensure documentation of process parameters 在样件装配中确保过程中的参数文件归档记录

- Support the design creation and optimisation of the products at advising about assemblyness 支持设计创建及优化产品根据在装配过程中的建议

- Ensure the prototypes tracking possibility 确保样件的可追溯性

- Support at checking the prototypes and transfering to test areas 支持样件的检验和流转到测试区 - Prototype Documentation and management in the work area (Folders, Sample Order ..) 在工作区域文档的管理和保存(目录,样件申请表等)

-Responsible for machine maintenance in prototype lab. 负责样件室设备的日常维护和保养

- Ensure the maintenance and the availability of assembly tooling and fixtures 检查样件室工装夹具是否到位及保养维护

- Ensure a safe packaging of the products and the forwarding in logistic areas 确保产品安全的包装方式及运送到物流区域

- Validate the prototype process by measurement or testing 用试验及测量对样件的装配过程验证

- Support measurement and testing of prototypes 支持样机成品测量和试验

Required Competency and Qualification

Education 学历 Secondary education or College degree

Foreign Language 外语 Basic command in English

Computer Skill 计算机 Experience with Machine softwares and programming

Auto or related experience 汽车或相关行业经验 Min 3 years experience in automotive industry

Project member experience 项目参与经验 Project experience is advantage

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