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Supply Chain Development [CN_800682_CT_TKPSH00050]
蒂森克虏伯普利斯坦汽车零部件(上海)有限公司ThyssenKrupp Presta Shanghai Co., Ltd.
蒂森克虏伯普利斯坦汽车零部件(上海)有限公司,隶属于蒂森克虏伯普利斯坦集团,是世界500强蒂森克虏伯的全资子公司。它坐落在上海浦东康桥工业园区,占地面积40'000 平米。公司于2011年5月31日成立,总投资额达一亿一千四百万欧元。 蒂森克虏伯普利斯坦集团是蒂森克虏伯重要的汽车业务单元之一,在全...
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Job Targets and Decision Making 岗位目标及工作权限

1. This position is based on region, and is responsible for supply chain development activities define in product life cycle.

2. Supply Chain development include definition package and transport concept, logisitcs parameters, for external and internal.

3. This position should work with Corporate, Regional and plants to ensure the defined concept meeting our requirements in terms of safety, cost, and efficency. Drive continues improvements in supply chain set up.

Main Focus of Duties and Responsibilities 主要工作职责

1. Customer Requirements and Logistics Calculation:

1.1 Based on customer requirements and implement accordingly with Presta standard.

1.2 If customer requirements exceed or not meet Presta standard, organize review with plant, sales and corporate team to define agreement with customer acoordingly.

1.3 Make logisitcs concept and calculation based on agreed requirements.

1.4 Support sales to negotiate with customer for logistics content.

2. Supplier Logistics Concept and Logisitcs Parameters:

2.1: Based on Presta supplier specifications and plant material flow, define with suppliers and plant for package and transport concept.

2.2. Support purchasing to meet cost target, and drive cost saving activities in terms of logistics content.

2.3 Monitor supplier logisitcs readiness to meet project timing.

2.4 Negotiate and sign with suppliers logistics parameters, including package and transport cost, capacity agreements, planning parameters etc, relative supply chain topics for series delivery.

3. Supplier Capacity and Readiness before SOP

3.1 Conduct supplier logistics audit in case of needed. Track action plans to reduce risks for SOP.

3.2 Organize new supplier training if needed. To make sure supplier understand and implement Presta requirements for seires production.

3.3 Prepare suppliers during ramp up: EDI/Web/EDI, Consignment Stock Set Up, ramp up curves release etc. Support plant and suppliers for a smooth ramp up for SOP.

3.4 BQEE and Escalations:Participate taskforce team in case there is a escalation.

4. Internal Supply Chain Coordination:

4.1 Responsible to prepare internal supply chain accordingly to project timing.

4.2 Regular review with plant SCM to make sure the readiness before each milestone deifned in project review.

4.3 Coordinate internal supply chain to plan properly the ramp up curves.

5. Region Activity:

5.1 Support global projects which has local suppliers. Cooridnate relative logistics topics such as package, transport and capacity.

5.2 Drive cost saving activity in region during supply chain development.

5.3 Support Corporate SCM projects in region.

5.4 Support plants projects.

Required Competency and Qualification 任职能力及资格

1. Knowledge 知识

Education 学历 本科学历 University degree

Foreign Language 外语 良好的英语运用能力Good command in English

Computer Skill 计算机 熟练运用相关办公软件Be good at related office software (word, excel, powerpoint,CAD)

2. Experience 经验

Auto or related experience 汽车或相关行业经验 两年以上物流工作经验At least 2 years of experience on logistics

Project leader experience 项目管理经验 有一个项目领导经验为佳One project leader experience is preferred

Project member experience 项目参与经验 要求有项目参与经验Project experience is required

Intercultural experience 跨文化工作经验

至少两年外企工作经验 At least one year working experience in JVs or foreign invested company is preferred

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