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西北区区域安装高级经理 [CN_274820_ET_TEC01948]
蒂森克虏伯电梯(中国)Thyssen Elevators Co., Ltd.
蒂森克虏伯电梯 我们通过推动每天能够运输10亿人的产业,致力于将城市打造成最适宜居住的地方。 通过将产业带入正规化、挑战自身、培养内部与外部协作的文化、在我们独特的工程能力基础上,优化产品并创新出新产品、及为客户真正的运输需求提供方案等一系列措施,正将我们的经营进行彻底的革新。 在乘客运输系统...
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1.To take full responsibility for Installation department in the region in the areas of subcontractor management, system operation, performance improvement, project management, technical support, etc. so as to ensure achieve NI efficiency, quality, safety and financial targets

2.To provide leadership and guidance to all NI Ops staff in the region and branches for complying with HO policy or instruction

3.To drive implementation of standards and best practices by providing training to staff and ubcontractors, and provide inputs of best practice and system improvement to HO

4.To handle technical issues and provide technical support in special tasks, such as complex installation projects, unusual/new elevator types and selection of subcontractor, etc


Expert know how/ knowledge:

1.Have a good understanding of Installation business

2.Good at strategic thinking & tactics execution

3.Good command of MS Office s/w application, i.e. WORD,EXCEL,PowerPoint, etc.

4.Good command of English is a plus.

5.Expected (educational) qualifications: Bachelor degree or above in Engineering, Mechanical, Electronics or relevant majors

6.Expected years of experience:Minimum 10 years' experience in elevator industry, including 3 years' installation management experience





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