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Production Planning&Controlling Manager [0_GFT_CN00157]
蒂森克虏伯(中国)投资有限公司-thyssenkrupp (China) Ltd.
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Target of the position岗位目标:

        • Establish and improve the processes related with this post according to the requirements of IATF16949, 根据IATF16949,ISO14001/50001,OHSAS18001标准和总部的要求,建立并改进与本岗位相关的工作流程;ISO14001/50001, OHSAS18001 standards and Headquarters;
        • Within the scope of responsibility, to ensure all tasks performed in strictly according with company management 在职责范围内,确保严格按照管理体系的要求执行各项任务;
        • system;
        • Plan and deploy each operation factors legitimately, ensure a normalized and smooth operation;
        • 合理计划和配置各运营要素,保障公司运营正常有序进行;
        • Ensure the realization of the function KPI
        • 确保本职能KPI的实现
        • Fulfill delivery plan 满足交付计划
        • NWC inventory target NWC库存目标
        • Internal Customer Compliant 内部客户抱怨
        • Accounts consistent with the physical 账务与实物一致
        • FIFO, inventory quantity/quality 先进先出,库存数量/质量
        • OPL Logistics Cost Target OPL物流成本目标
        • "0" safety & environment accident 安全与环境事故为零

        • Responsible for establishing and continuous improvement of the workflows and processes of the responsible function, as well as supervisory control of their performance.负责建立及持续所负责业务职能的流程并监督其执行;
        • Be responsible for enacting operation plan(capacity plan/production plan/inventory plan) and deploy each operation factors legitimately, ensure normalized and smooth operation, and 100% fulfill customer delivery orders on time.合理计划(产能/生产/库存计划)和配置各运营要素,保障公司运营正常有序进行,及时满足客户交付订单;
        • Be responsible for balancing and deployment of overall operation resources including capacity, overview and monitor capacity utilization of each production process.负责整体运营资源(包括产能)的平衡和配置,监控各工段资源利用率;
        • Monitor and improve inventory turnover times, analyze and reduce slow moving parts to fulfill NWC inventory control and cost saving target.监控并提高库存周转率,分析和减少呆滞物料,实现NWC库存及成本控制目标。
        • Be responsible to provide raw materials, semi-finished product as well as the empty package and packaging materials for production lines according to production plan. 根据生产计划给生产线供应原材料,半成品,包装箱以及一次性包装材料。
        • Be responsible for defining KPI and key work plan of the scope of business function in accordance with the group and company target, organize to achieve the target.
        • 根据集团及公司目标制定本业务职能的KPI和重点工作计划,组织实现目标;
        • Continuously extending employees know how, to realize efficient and economic team management, in according with HR policies and regulations.
        • 依据公司人事政策和规章制定,持续不断地培训人员,建立合格高效的生产计划与控制管理业务团队;
        • Manage the environment, health & safety events of the responsible business function according to the requirement of company management system.
        • 根据公司管理体系的要求,对所负责业务职能进行环境,健康,安全管理
  • 任职要求
      • Bachelor degree on the industry engineering, logistics and similar studies; 工业工程、物流相关专业本科以上毕业;
      • More than 5 years experiences with operation planning and control in the automotive industry;
      • 5年以上汽车行业运营计划和控制工作经验;
    • Good in hearing writing and speaking English.
    • 良好的英语听说读写能力;
    • Good computer skills, ability to work with Microsoft office tool very well,EPR-, especially SAP-experiences; 熟练操作计算机,并能够使用office办公软件,熟悉ERP软件,了解SAP的优先考虑;
    • Ability to work in team, Initiative and engaged in the job,Secret and confidential; 具备团队合作能力,工作积极主动,有责任心和保密意识;
  • Very strong communication skills
  • 非常突出的沟通能力
  • Ability to analysis and resolve problem under complex background information ; 具备在复杂背景信息情况下分析解决问题的能力;
  • Ability to manage the daily jobs under stress; 能够在压力下处理好日常工作;


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