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IT Engineer
蒂森克虏伯汽车系统技术(上海)有限公司ThyssenKrupp System Engineering (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
蒂森克虏伯汽车系统技术(上海)有限公司正式注册在上海,公司集合了一群富有经验的中德工程师和项目经理致力于为汽车生产整条价值链提供个性化解决方案。帮助客户不断提高增值链的效率,成为他们强有力的可靠的合作伙伴。面向合作,我们的目标是共同提高效率,降低成本。 我们的核心技术: 动力总成测试 动力总成装...
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This position is responsible for


  1. IT Infrastructure Management

  2. IT Infrastructure Budget and Control

  3. IT Supporting

  4. Engineering Software and Systems

  5. Global project coordination if there are any



Primary responsibilities 1. IT Supporting     1.1 End-user Supporting (50%)     1.2 Business Project Supporting (50%)     1.3 End-user Communication and Training  (50%)     1.4 Preparation and Orientation for New Employees (10%) 2. IT Infrastructure Management     2.1 Maintain the entire IT infrastructure and ensure all systems working on good performance, and make sure the down-time is in plan and control.  (Available Time>=98%, Or Down Time at working hours<=16 Hours)     2.2 Continuous System Development and Improvement to support business 3. IT Daily Operations     3.1 PC Assets Management (10%)     3.2 Infrastructure Assets Management (All Assets in records and tracking with warranty status)     3.3 Company Mobile phone Management (Finish assignment for new employee in 2 months, the spare SIM cards keep in hands will not over than 3 ones)     3.4 Intangible Assets management (All Assets in records and tracking with warranty status)     3.5 Vendor and Service Level management (60%)     3.6 All IT related Bills and Payments (Finish the payment in time will not be longer than 30 days after invoice receiving) 3. Information Security     3.1 Monitoring the Anti-Virus platform, provide reports weekly and clean-up based on reports (20%)     3.2 Ensure the data backup system working correctly (1. Data Destroy time =0; 2, Data recovery term=2 Months/Daily)     3.3 Working against with SPAM-ware, SPAM-email and illegal software and some other threatens, to ensure company Information Systems' safety. (50%) 4. IT Infrastructure Budget and Control     4.1 Initiating and Planning     4.2 Spending and control     4.3 iReport in every quarter (Match the timeline)     4.4 Final Review 5. Engineering Software and Systems (All software should be in service)     5.1 Engineering Software and System Maintenance 5.2 Engineering License and License Service Management (90%) 5.3 Technical matrix System Implementation 5.4 Supporting SAP PLM Implementation 6. Align with IT Central organization and strategy (60%)     6.1 Annual Internal & External Audit 6.2   Supporting the assessment and other tasks assigned by central teams

7. Other duties as assigned.


Knowledge & skill requirements
  1. Information technology (Bachelor)

  2. Good knowledge and experience in Information system and technology fields;

  3. Well organizational skill in information system and technology infrastructure fields;

  4. Excellent communication skills within matrix organization.


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